Olive green lenses (0.00 - 6.50)

These olive green lenses of the brown colorblends collection are a musthave if you like a subtle hint of green to create a natural blend with your brown eyes. All lenses in this collection blend naturally with light till dark eye colors!

How to order lenses with power:

  1. Select the power you need or choose 0.00 if no power needed(this is only for one eye)
  2. Add the power to your cart 
  3. Repeat for the other eye and select again + add to cart
  4. If the power is out of stock you will not be able to add this to your cart
  • Package contains 1 pair lenses for right and left eye
  • Wearable for 1 year after opening blister (if cared for properly)
  • Comes with a cute storing pouch and free lens container
  • Comfortable for hours
  • Dia: 14mm (suitable for medium - large eye pupils)


Wear & Care:

Before wearing the lenses please read our lens wear & care instruction guide & if you have any questions please send us a message. If this is your first time using lenses please always consult a optician if color lenses with or without power are suitable for your eyes. (click here for the lens wear & care guide)

Refund policy lenses: 

Because of hygienic reasons Warda color lenses can only be refunded if the blister package is not opened/damaged. In case you receive a lens that has a production error please inform us and we will send you a new product.